here are some fun facts about us

We’re a married videographer team that built Direct Light Studios on the foundation of family. Filming is our love language! 

we're the chamberlains


Laura’s is when the two of you see each other for the first time, and sweet moments with you hanging out together!

Dakin’s favorite parts of the day are your ceremony, and moments with just the two of you together.

Our favorite part of a wedding day


This probably won’t surprise you, but making movies! When we’re not filming, editing, or watching movies...we love audiobooks, going on family hikes, and enjoying experiences together. Laura loves to bake cookies (Dakin loves to eat them), do anything crafty, and practice yoga. Dakin is a concert Pianist, and he loves to train for marathons. 

Our Hobbies


Our first babies were our 2 cats, Finnegan and Dempsey, and our 2 dogs, Oliver and Ellie. We just welcomed our baby girl, Aurelia, to the world in February 2020.

our family


Filming a wedding together in was love at first sight and we got married 8 months later!

How we met

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